Thursday, 30 May 2013

UPCOMING! Kylesa at Il Motore

UPCOMING! Kylesa at Il Motore | Thursday June 13th

In Kylesa’s hard rock, one will find various things: floating melodies, well-crafted guitar riffs, raunchy vocals, ever-shifting rhythms, and heaps of spirited rockin’ out. The unit’s oeuvre sometimes flirts with punk and metal, while always retaining a melodic basis. It is hardcore, but is also displays a touch of cinematic epicness. In brief, it sounds pretty badass.

If you’d like to witness just how much, be at Il Motore on June 13th. The band will be sharing stage with Blood Ceremony, White Hills, and Lazer / Wulf. In the meantime, we recommend you take a look at the video for its song Tired Climb. Cool stuff.

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