Wednesday, 15 May 2013

UPCOMING! Devendra Banhart at Corona Theatre

UPCOMING! Devendra Banhart at Corona Theatre | June 5th


Devendra Banhart does not do one thing. He does loads of them. And he does them well. Whether it’s sweet little ballads, jazzy songs, acoustic pop gems, sunshiney rock pieces, he succeeds, thanks to the poetic casualness of his lyrics, the utter catchiness of his melodies, and the refreshing honesty of his approach. He can be upbeat and fast-paced, slow and lingering, or anything in between. Whatever he ends up displaying, whatever way he chooses to tackle music, it just sounds good. It sounds right. It has been sounding right for years, now.

Thus, it is very likely to sound right on June 6th at Corona Theatre. Perhaps being there to witness it might prove a sound idea.

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