Monday, 22 April 2013

UPCOMING! Voodoo Shango Experience at Petit Campus

UPCOMING! Voodoo Shango Experience at Petit Campus | Friday, May 3rd


Let us not forget that, before hip hop sampled it a bunch, funk music was enthusiastically generated by the very busy instruments of a lot of gifted musicians, who marked rock and roll forever by the sheer groove of their approach. Mean bass lines, warm horns, malicious guitar riffs: you know the drill. Heaps of fun, colourful outfits and wild dancing, for a very tasty package.

Well, for those among us who are nostalgic of the era when funk was the star of rock and roll, let it be told: some musicians are willing to keep the legacy alive. The Voodoo Shango Experience is composed of a few of them. They are, in fact, pretty transparent about their goal: 

“Formed in 2011 by Johnny "Papa" Shango (Colectivo), the Voodoo Shango Experience's mission is to pay tribute to the "funk culture" of the 70's and early 80's. The influence of the music, movies and even the literature of that era can be felt whenever you live the Voodoo Shango Experience...” 

If any of you is game to witness one of the funk masters behind Colectivo in action with his newest project, the Petit Campus is the place to be on May 3rd.
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