Wednesday, 10 April 2013

UPCOMING! Steve Brockley Band at Divan Orange

UPCOMING! Steve Brockley Band at Divan Orange | Saturday, April 27th


What does a type of folk music that is described as greasy, slow-moving and able to breathe might sound like, I wonder? Hey, I’m using Steve Brockley Band’s members’ very own words:

“Folk Music isn’t usually this greasy. Born in B.C., formed in Montreal, and currently preparing for the release of their second album, Steve Brockley (guitar, vocals), Kevin Bertram (upright bass) and Leon Power (drums, mandolin) are not wasting time. In fact, they’ve been accused of stretching it. Getting to the heart of a song is their main goal – not just digging into the notes, but nailing those spaces in between the notes. When you’ve got a good song, you want to let it breath. A percussive double bass swagger, drum grooves from the gut, and a rolling finger picked guitar bring their brand of folk music to life. There’s no rush to the end of a song – if it is right, it happens.  What ends up happening is anything from an acoustic ballad to low down, gutbucket grooves, to high energy builds. The main thing is not to hurry – nothing good gets away.”

Yeah, my curiosty too is scratching its head. It might be a good call to attend the Montreal edition of their album launch tour, which will take place at Divan Orange on Saturday, April 27th, alongside The Wildwood Family. 

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