Thursday, 25 April 2013

UPCOMING! MAK + Fire/Works + FM HI LOW at Sala Rossa

UPCOMING! MAK + Fire/Works + FM HI LOW at Sala Rossa | Thursday, May 16th


In the midst of Montreal’s musical craziness, somewhere amongst the noisy punk, dirty folk or rowdy rock events, in between moments of mosh-pitting and beer spilling, it is sometimes very healthy to take a break and absorb some slow-moving, deep-sounding folk. If anyone out there shares this view on things, then perhaps reading the description of local atmospheric (slightly psychedelic, even) folk act Fire/Works might inspire you:

“Lost in woods, open road travels or misted coasts, the cinematic sounds of Fire/Works have arrived. The Montreal band of two, Jonathan Peters and David LagacĂ© are blending vocals as well as self multi-instrumentalists to create music that is to the core; raw, pure, honest talent...”

Similarly, reading the following words, which describe local smooth rock project MAK, might arouse your music lover’s instincts:

“MAK’s music is a blend of hybrid ambiences and refined musicality. Each member’s sound lends itself to the project’s originality. Jazz, Rock, Electro and Pop meet to create a particularly intense melodic musical universe.”

Lastly, if you are not at least somewhat stunned by the following description of FM HI LOW, you have to be made of stone:

“FM HI LOW is the result of an evolution of sound and personal explorations by multi-instrumental musician and singer Fraser MacDougall. A sound and vision he has achieved by spending a lot of time developing his craft in front of live audiences and in dozen’s of home and professional studios all over Canada, U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand, and Jamaica. For the past twelve years MacDougall has been playing music and enjoying pursuits into different climates and cultures while having adventures and conversations with people from all walks of life. As a result FM HI LOW resonates with a universally appealing frequency of positivity, unity, the pursuit of knowledge and self-actualization.”

If all three of these blurbs got your heart jumping, you’re in for a treat: the three bands in question will share the stage of Sala Rossa on May 16th. We recommend you get there, close your eyes, and let the music sink in.

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