Wednesday, 3 April 2013

UPCOMING! Jenn Grant at Upstairs | Wednesday, April 10th


Often, the third album is somewhat of a revelation for a musician or a band. Often, after the sophomore effort has proven fruitful, new things are tried, new paths are drawn. Who better than to prove it to you than East Coast indie singer-songwriter Jenn Grant? She just came up with her third solo LP, of which such things are said:

"With The Beautiful Wild, Jenn follows love’s twisted, tangled path deep into the heart’s jungle. The new record is about finding the courage to lose oneself in the wilderness, in all of its savage and sublime experiences.

The dense, exotic sounds of The Beautiful Wild depart from the giddy blush of Honeymoon Punch, Jenn Grant’s Juno Nominated and Polaris Long Listed previous album. There is a mature solemnity to be found that creates a new intimacy and immediacy with the listener. Jenn Grant’s intuitive ability to express emotion has helped to define her as one of Canada’s premiere vocalists; even in the darkest corners of the wilderness, her prismatic, iridescent voice continues to sparkle, dancing over adventurous new layers that include harp, flute and sitar.

Jenn Grant is a lively member of a thriving East Coast artist community. The Beautiful Wild features many notable locals, including Old Man Luedecke, Rose Cousins, Erin Costello, Kinley Dowling, David Christiansen and the Halifax Boys’ Honour Choir."

She'll be at Upstairs playing the songs of her new album (and most probably ones from her previous two, as well) on Wednesday, April 10th. If you find yourself in the mood to be transported by the sweet-sounding vocals and the subtle poetry of a gifted singer, it might be a good idea not to miss it.

Just saying.
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