Wednesday, 3 April 2013

UPCOMING! James Blake at Metropolis | Monday, May 6th


James Blake is the kind of artist to whom it is hard to attribute any kind of typical label. It seems like calling his music R&B or soul is not entirely accurate, but calling it electronic is not quite right either.

In fact, Blake’s sound is unique enough to allow us to get away from such labels (thankfully). Undeniably, it is very much vocals-centered. It goes further, though, in that it displays a very careful use of electronic tricks that are often overused in today’s pop music. His mastery of what is often simply referred as AutoTune, for instance, is much more precise than that of too many pop stars and rappers. It is much more delicate, and employed as punctuation in his soft, aerial, incredibly soulful pieces.

Furthermore, his tendency to layer either droning or subtle synths, as well as spacey, stout drums under his ultra-smooth vocals makes his minimal and sober take on music sound very eloquent. That, and the occasionally very 'dubsteppy' bass lines.

Sometimes, it seems fair to wonder why certain artists rise so quickly to the rank of big stars. In James Blake’s case, no wonder at all: this man is truly the real deal.

If you’re doubtful, be at Metropolis on May 6th. Your doubts will most probably vanish.

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