Wednesday, 10 April 2013

UPCOMING! The Hillbilly Rockets at l'Esco Bar

UPCOMING! The Hillbilly Rockets at l'Esco Bar | Friday, April 19th


If Quentin Tarantino is aware of The Hillbilly Rockets’ existence, I bet he digs them. Their blues-flavoured old school rock and roll with a few hints of smoky folk would truly be right at home in the midst of one of his flicks.

This unit’s songs are driving, they advance on a dusty highway without taking breaks to take pictures. “Abrasive rockabilly, uptempo country tunes, psychedelic surf rock, this is our program,” they rightfully claim. Drums, a bunch of fuzzy guitars, a steel guitar riff here and there, with the contrabass standing strong. Picture slickly-attired desert-dwelling badasses and old bearded truckers with cowboys hats: The Hillbilly Rockets sound exactly like they look.

“Consult your physicist before coming to our show, parental advisory,” they recommend. If you wish to act on such advice, you should get moving: they launch their new album titled The Way Way Out Sound Of… at l’Esco Bar on Friday, April 19th. Jitterbug Swing and Les Zorbits shall share the stage with them that night. Better make that doctor’s appointment now.

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