Tuesday, 23 April 2013

UPCOMING! Erik Lind & the Orchard + Lakes of Canada at Casa del Popolo

UPCOMING! Erik Lind & the Orchard + Lakes of Canada at Casa del Popolo | Saturday, May 4th


If you are an avid indie-rock fan and have not heard Erik Lind & the Orchard’s debut EP, you should get on it. Floating vocals, nicely written lyrics, magnificent guitar melodies, and several voices singing at once, with a cozy vibe wrapping up the whole thing: the Great White North EP is truly a solid piece of work. Even the self-description of the band is noticeably well conceived:

“Erik Lind & The Orchard is a four-piece band from Montreal. They sing (non-exclusively) about Canadian winters, love-hate relationships with one's hometown, and forest fires.”

And then, there is Lakes of Canada, the utterly melodic, sharp as hell, poetically driven folky act that is now known of most of Montreal. Their quite amazing debut LP has been out for a year now, and it still does not sound one bit old. Gifted musicians such as these know how to deliver wonderful results.

Montreal indie-rockers are doing good, to say the least.

The two acts’ upcoming show at Casa del Popolo on Saturday, May 4th, supported by Wind & The Wild, should be a good one. Again, if you are amongst the indie-thirsty music fans of this world, do not miss it!


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