Wednesday, 17 April 2013

UPCOMING! The Burning Hell at Casa del Popolo

UPCOMING! The Burning Hell at Casa del Popolo | Thursday, May 2nd


What happens when great, tongue-in-cheek lyrics meet punchy gospel-flavoured folk? What happens when thirteen musicians decide to mix epic and funny in a blend of catchy melodies and vocal greatness, delivered with the theatrical instincts of storytelling gypsies? What DOES happen? you wonder.


And when the Burning Hell takes care of business, you can expect fun to be part of the deal. I had a long conversation over a pot of mint tea with their official website, and here’s what he told me about the band, between two sips of candy-cane-smelling goodness:

“The Burning Hell is the alter-ego of songwriter and ukulele-slinger Mathias Kom. Loosely based in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, The Burning Hell has toured back and forth across Canada and Europe since 2007, playing everywhere from festivals to bars to living rooms - and once even a mental asylum in rural France. The band has garnered acclaim for their hyperactive live shows and their caustic yet sincere lyrics, believing as they do that songs about the inevitability of death can also be fun to dance to.”

“Cool,” I replied. “I wonder…”

“Shut up and let me finish,” the website said abruptly, before continuing:

“In 2012, The Burning Hell both made AND broke a record: the band recorded their newest album 'People' (to be released in spring 2013) in Berlin with producers Norman Nitzsche and Ramin Bijan; later in the summer, The Burning Hell set a new world record, playing ten shows in ten countries in less than 24 hours. But the band isn't tired yet, and 2013 promises to be action-packed. Join us and live forever.”

“What the…?” I had to ask the website. “Is any of this for real? Are you bullsh*tting me?”

“Be at Casa del Popolo on May 2nd,” he replied, his eyes gleaming. “You’ll see if I’m bullsh*tting you.”

(The Unsettlers’ BW Brandes, as well as Nick Ferrio will be there to warm up the crowd)

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