Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Telekinesis + Deep Sea Diver at Il Motore

UPCOMING! Telekinesis + Deep Sea Diver at Il Motore | Saturday, May 11th


As we all know, indie-rock is experiencing a bit of a momentum nowadays, especially in this lovely city of ours. However, let us not forget that it is also in its prime in other areas of the world. Seattle, for instance, who was once known for the bands that gave birth to grunge, is now a hub for several great indie rock acts.

Telekinesis is a prime example of that. The band has 9 releases under its belt, it has launched a series of great videos, and its sound is getting better with every passing year since its creation in 2009. Listening to their short, efficient songs, one shall hear great things: punchy lyrics, fuzzy electric guitars, steady and driving drumbeats, catchy piano melodies… the list goes on. Moreover, the production of every song they put out is absolutely stellar, with every element finding its rightful place in a wonderfully mixed package.

But hey, it is at a live performance that one is really able to measure the greatness of a band. That being the case, be sure not to miss them when they swing by Il Motore on May 11th. They will be supported by another great indie act from Seattle: Deep Sea Diver.

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