Sunday, 24 March 2013

Paisley Wilde at Theatre St. Catherine

Paisley Wilde at Theatre St. Catherine


When I got to theatre St. Catherine on the 22nd of February, I didn't know what to expect. Although I was familiar with the music of Paisley Wilde, they were sandwiched between two bands I had not yet heard of and we know how that can go.

Once inside and after my first glance at the crowd, I still couldn't call it, so I sat down and ordered a beer. Almost immediately the opening act Descalso broke into their set. Descalso is a four piece band, all of them having recently moved to Montreal from Regina, Saskatchewan. Lead singer and Guitarist Cristian Moya and Lead Guitarist  Paul Lucyk told me that they write most of the material together, but I would've been able to tell anyways.

Their vocal and guitar harmonies were so spot-on that they could only have been born of a common musical vision. That's not to say that the rhythm section, Neil Robinson and Gaelan Malloy (bassist and drummer respectively), weren't on the same page. They were driving the set and seamlessly switching between style and genres. They were locked in and held it all together like pros.

I stepped outside for a cigarette between sets, and the young crowd was full of anticipation and alcohol. Unable to eavesdrop out of their conversation which band they were here to see, I headed back inside, and right in time for Paisley Wilde's energetic opening song "Money Don't Come Cheap". Despite the levels being a bit off at first, the band exploded into their set without hesitation. I was impressed by their ability to hold the crowds attention. The band had a b-movie playing on a projector screen behind them throughout the whole set. Somehow, it worked with their music, although I believe I remember one or more band members commenting that they'd never seen it before.

After the first few songs, lead singer Jeremie Legault told us  this was the first time that this version of Paisley Wilde had ever played together. Named after guitarist Zakk Wylde (with a tip of the hat to Oscar Wilde), the name Paisley came from a conversation that band had about favorite names for a girl should any of them have a daughter. Paisley wilde is made of five guys whose day jobs range from bartender to med student. Needless to say getting the band together for practices and shows is no easy task. 

When I asked Jeremie if the band had any plans to tour, he said that he would love to, but that he doesnt really see it being feasible. For now, the band is still experimenting with their sound and their equipment and doing so is not cheap. Towards the end of their set, they launched into a mash-up of notorious B.I.G's "Juicy", Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice" and the chorus of Weezer's "Beverly Hills".

As Paisley Wilde wrapped up their 45 minutes set, I gathered from the conversation of the guys next to me that they in fact weren't the headlining act. Third on the bill, Manic Pixie Dream Girls were the band throwing this party. Unfortunately, by the time they took the stage, they seemed to have have been too drunk. At least that's what it looked like to me. Either way all in all a good, show, great venue, and a good time!
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