Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Hellbound Hepcats at Brutopia

The Hellbound Hepcats at Brutopia

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I had heard only good things about The Hellbound Hepcats. Now, after seeing them perform, I know exactly what the buzz is all about. Last Wednesday was my first experience with them, and it’s left me wanting more. The Hellbound Hepcats are made up of front man Alexander Brown, Jordan Peddie on standup-bass, and Sandro Sanchioni on drums. 

Crammed on Brutopia’s tiny stage, The Hellbound Hepcats started off the night with a bang. Their rhythms and energy put a smile on my face and made it impossible to sit still. After captivating the crowd with an Elvis tune, they moved on to some originals, including “Play With Fire” and “That Girl Wants it Bad”. Brown’s slicked back doo and get-up made it seem as if someone had turned back time. Their new songs sound just like classics, and the night consisted of a well-balanced mix of originals and covers.

Peddie slapped the standup base like nobody I had ever seen before; it was impossible to get a picture where his hands weren’t a complete blur. The band is jam packed with swagger and energy that can turn any night into one to remember. “Every night is a Friday night!” Sanchioni explained to me between sets. He has more experience as a punk drummer but joined The Hellbound Hepcats a year ago and says the band is like his family.

I went to the show with a group of friends, all with varying music tastes. We all left satisfied by their rocking performance. After having been to a few rockabilly shows in the past, I was waiting all day long to dance the night away. So, my only complaint of the night was that nobody was dancing! It was likely due to the tight quarters, but next time I’d suggest moving a few tables around to accommodate! Don’t worry though, it didn’t stop us from sneaking upstairs to find an empty corner to practice my – non-existing – jiving skills.

They’ve played 16 shows in February and you can catch them every Monday – they might think it’s Friday - at Honey Martins. Even though the band has toured extensively they still say Montreal is their favorite place to play. With Rockabilly growing like crazy, they’ve gathered a strong following here. With their infatuating sound, I can’t imagine these guys slowing down any time soon. After just one show I can’t get enough of these guys, and I’m definitely not the only one.

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