Sunday, 31 March 2013

Charlotte Cornfield at Le Cagibi

Charlotte Cornfield at Le Cagibi

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Standing in the front row of the back room of Le Cagibi, I watched two opening bands while anxiously waiting to see Charlotte Cornfield play. The lead vocalist of a more-experimental-than-I’m-used-to band announced, “I’ve never seen so many people here before!” It was my first time at the venue but I had a suspicion that it had something to do with the fact that Charlotte’s band was playing.

She possesses a cool, comical and down-to-earth demeanor and I’m obviously not the only one that thinks so. Sam Rosenberg, Charlotte’s old time friend, joined her on drums and told me, “Charlotte really brings people together.” Kathryn Palumbo also joined in for the evening playing stand up base.  Sam and Kathryn both met Charlotte when they were teenagers; they both performed on Charlotte ‘s latest album “Two Horses”.

Charlotte released her first full-length album in late 2011. She said, “It was crazy, I started writing the record in 2010 and recorded it in the fall over 4 months in Toronto. I spent the next year getting ready to release it, and it was released in October 2011. I feel like I invested so much into it. Then I toured it up until December.  I feel ready to take a breather.” It sounds like it was a hectic but worthwhile process as the result is clearly a success.

Throughout 2012 Charlotte toured through 8 countries and played nearly 120 shows. It’s been a big year for her and when asked about her achievements Charlotte told me, “Just the sheer amount of touring and how exhausting that was,, I’m happy I did that… The year as a whole is a big accomplishment.” 

The folk rocker, who draws her influences from people, places, strange events and the little details of life, put on an honest performance that undoubtedly displayed her musical creativity. Charlotte sings with a force that let’s you know she’s in control. She played a mix of songs from this latest album and other new unrecorded songs. Charlotte has also released two EPs and her music has clearly undergone a transformation over time. She says, “I feel like I’m constantly picking up different influences on the road and from what I’m listening to… I’d hate to feel like I’ve been doing the same thing.” Her desire to produce something new definitely comes through as her main priority. She has a take it or leave it approach and her performance was real and candid.

In 2013 Charlotte plans to work on some new music and is heading across the border, “I want to get a little more rooted in New York, more settled. I feel like this year was really scattered and I’m ready to feel settled somewhere.” This came through in her music; it’s as if she’s searching for something, but hasn’t found it yet. Even if she’s exhausted by her long tours and recording sessions, she’s not going to stop broadening her horizons. She’s pushing herself musically and I expect Charlotte will continue to explore new territory and produce the kind of music that people love. 

Charlotte Cornfield’s music is like an open book yet she still manages to leave you wanting more. She is a unique artist and I expect good things from her in the future.
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