Thursday, 17 January 2013

Vinyl Hero - More than just the Blues

Vinyl Hero | Pub St. Paul

More Than Just The Blues | Jesse Creatchman

If anyone has ever caught a Vinyl Hero show, you know what it's like to go home with your hair standing on end. The crashing blues-rock band brought their edge back to Pub St. Paul for a special occasion, guitarist and lead vocalist Ray Howard's birthday.

Just over a year ago, the then four member band reverted to a three-piece. This was my first chance to catch the band's new line up. It was a bittersweet moment as I entered the bar and was reminded of Marco Favaro's departure. While the former keyboardist provided colour and texture, the band has shifted gears stripping old songs to the bare bone and performing refreshing new songs that give each skilled player a chance stand out with sharp clarity.

Vinyl Hero held on to the room's attention. Song after song, the energy was high and the sound was right, even when the band kicked it to high gear. Kudos to St. Paul's soundman for giving the band and audience the show they deserved. Clearly a bar full of fans, the musicians fed off the cheers and jeers from known audience members with the tongue and cheek retorts primarily left to the birthday vocalist.

Costa Siarlis on bass and Nick Wybo on drums, these guys have clearly been playing together for a while, as tight a hard rock rhythm section as you'll come across in this town.

The highlight of the night was a cover of the tradition Gospel blues song "John the Revelator". You might recognize it from the finale of the popular biker television series Sons of Anarchy. The version included in the series was being performed by Curtis Stiger and the Forrest Rangers. I was fortunate enough to grab a clip of the song so check it out below.

If you haven't heard, their hit song "The Blues" is now available on itunes. It's a great tune. To have a listen, click VINYL HERO-THE BLUES.

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