Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sweet Mother Logic!

UPCOMING! Sweet Mother Logic | January 12th

Sweet Mother Logic | Sala Rossa
If you are unsure whether or not to attend Sala Rossa this Saturday as the adventurous Sweet Mother Logic shares the stage with Saxsyndrum and Dam Ships, you may want to consider Indecent Exposure.com. This week the website features an article about the band that may persuade you to fight off the cold weather and make it out to enjoy a unique show. Click Indecent Exposure to read the article.

"Why should a band fall into one distinctive genre? The critically acclaimed, beautifully-soothing Montreal musicians in Sweet Mother Logic go beyond the general rule, extending their reach far beyond a single category. They are talented as they are refreshing, combining the great qualities of popular music with the sweet serenity of the classics. In our editor Christelle's own words..."  Indecent Exposure

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