Thursday, 24 January 2013

Another great Folk show to consider for the 31st.

UPCOMING! Amos the Transparent + Erik Lind & the Orchard +Laurent Bourque at Quai Des Brumes | January 31st at Quai Des Brumes

Amos the Transparent | Indie Montreal.

Ladies and gentlemen, next thursday January 31, Montreal will be blessed with a multitude of beautiful Canadian folk music. Two shows are happening in the plateau area (where else?) that I can assure you will reward all souls brave enough to withstand the bitter repercussions of a polar shift. It's going to be cold but here are three bands that will warm you right up. Truth be told, I hadn't heard of any of these bands until gathering selection for this small promo piece for the upcoming Indie Montreal show, but their video's are charming and the music, alluring. This show should be highly anticipated by Canadian Indie/Folk music adorers .

The voice of experience and wisdom, Rob Lutes will be launching his new album "The Bravest Birds" on the same night at Sala Rossa. We've been busy here at Hot Soupe filling you in about that show and why you should consider attending. Well, now you've all got a choices. You owe it to yourselves to consider all the music being presented that night and to follow your hearts and your ears, just make sure they are bundled up.

Below are music videos made by bands Amos the Transparent, Erik Lind & The Orchard, and Laurent Bourque and links to their websites. If you aren't able to catch this show or the Rob Lutes album launch, take comfort in knowing that Hot Soupe will be on site at each of them to give you the full scoop.

Amos the Tranparent bio on urartist.com. 
"One of Amos the Transparent's most defining characteristics is their authentic delivery and ability to capture a mood. Lyrical themes of love and loss, hope and despair channel the spirit of Elliott Smith while the music evokes the minimalist charm of Wilco..." [continue]
Amos the Transparent - Convince the Mayor

Erik Lind & The Orchard bio on E.L.A.T.O.com

"By 2011, what had begun as a solo outlet for Montreal songwriter Erik Lind had evolved into The Orchard - a four-piece outfit playing soothing, folk-tinged indie rock. Mikael Tobias (guitar), Lisa Dee Perusse (bass), and Michel Aubinais (drums) join Lind to create a lush, melodic sound that has drawn comparisons to fellow Canadians Wintersleep and Dan Mangan, with soaring harmonies reminiscent of Fleet Foxes and The New Pornographers, and Lind’s tranquil voice at times recalling Great Lake Swimmers’ Tony Dekker."[continue]

Erik Lind & the Orchard - The Kick (Live)

Laurent Bourque bio on Jango

"...the success of Laurent’s college charting in the US led to major licensing opportunities with MTV and the E! Network. Laurent’s music has recently been featured on multiple MTV and E! programs, including: The Real World (MTV), Road Rules (MTV), Keeping up 
With The Kardashians (E!) and many others..."[continue]

 Laurent Bourque performs"All You Beautiful Girls" Live on CKUT
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