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Studio Series: The Terrace

Studio Series: The Terrace


Co-founded by Vancouver-natives producer/musicians Dylan Davies and Ben Sanchez, The Terrace is beginning to establish itself in the Montreal music community by providing top-quality sound recordings without the varying overhead cost of hourly rates. Rather than charge by the hour, Terrace's philosophy is a per-track fee structure.

The tandem share a history in sound engineering. Aside from recording their own projects, they have been assisting with their friend’s records for years. After gaining the additional experience of working in recording studios, Davies and Sanchez decided to start their own recording company. Their “hook” is charging a fixed costs per record and offering ambitious promotions to first-time cliental.

“We are musicians first, and we have had less than awesome experiences at different studios. Engineers have sometimes completely changed our sound and the bill kept getting higher while we fixed it.”  Dylan Davies, Co-owner of The Terrace

The long-time friends' goal is to increase the number of recording artists by offering feasible and high-quality sound recordings

“We designed our own acoustic treatment,bought the best microphones we could find, and a great sound board that does exactly what we need.” D.D.

Their decision to invest in top-quality recording gear has inspired their clientele whose instruments are heard with clarity and tone.To develop long-term working relationships with artists and bands, Dylan and Ben ensure that their productions are well received.

“When we get to a point in the mixing process where we are happy with it, we think of it as a draft. We then get everyone involved to listen to it, and let us know what they want changed (if anything). This way, everyone in the band is happy with the result, every time. D.D.

Most recently, Terrace has recorded for Heirloom, the newest project of singer and composer Lisa Malachowski. A classically trained pianist, Lisa grew up in the suburbs of Washington and now resides in Montreal. With an emerging roots and folk scene birthing   such acts as Lakes of Canada, Brie Neilson, Rob Lutes and The Barr Brothers, Montreal is fertile ground for Heirloom which Ms. Malachowski describes as "an imaginative mix of intimate folk music and classical instrumentation...built from the lyrics up and crafted with love and care”.

I asked Lisa some questions about her experience recording at Terrace. She described the studio as a “laid back” environment and highlighted the competency of the studio engineers, Dylan and Ben.

“The studio engineers' best attributes were their friendliness and their willingness to go the extra mile for the music I was recording. I never felt rushed by them during the entire process, and I felt they really wanted what was best for the outcome of the track. They were thinking about the band and our music.”
Lisa Malachowski, Songwriter/Composer

The recording artist gave the engineers a top-notch rating for communication. She stated that they made any adjustment she requested during the recording process without hesitation. They made their own experienced suggestions and most importantly were capable of following her lead.

 “I pretty much knew how I wanted the track we recorded to sound, so they just helped translate what I wanted into the recording process. I'm sure, though, that if I had come into the studio with less of a concrete idea of what I wanted, they would have had even more feedback and opinions for me.” L.M.

“Sister Sister”  by Heirloom was recorded at The Terrace.

To have a listen to a selection of previously recorded tracks by The Terrace visit TerraceAudio.com.

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